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About GOLFiq

GOLFiq is a unique coaching philosophy designed to put the player in control of their own learning, development and performance.

The GOLFiq philosophy does not involve providing tips and advice for its students but aims instead to empower its players with the tools to understand and grow their own golf and mental skills in order to achieve long term goals, aspirations and enjoyment.

GOLFiq was developed by Matthew Ellis (MSc BSc PGA) a former British Professionals Champion and he is currently in demand by golf’s major governing bodies (Wales, England and the Professional Golfers Association) in developing players of all ages and abilities.

The GOLFiq philosophy is based on research conducted into performance excellence which forms the Cycle of Success and the 10 skills of excellence. This framework enables players to gain greater understanding of their performance whilst providing a framework and the tools necessary for ongoing learning and development.

Various programmes and learning opportunities are available with the emphasis being placed on doing, learning and most importantly having fun.

GOLFiq Skill 7: Optimal Stroke Focus