“I have known and worked with Matthew for a number of years. He is both a wonderful teacher and player. Matthew has correct information and knows how to communicate it. Anyone fortunate enough to have a lesson from Matthew will certainly benefit from it.” Craig Lewis
Matthew Ellis coaching in the classroom

About GOLFiq

GOLFiq places the player at the centre of learning and is unique in golf coaching. The GOLFiq philosophy does not lend itself to tip giving but instead helps golfers to learn new strategies and insights that empowers them to achieve their long-term goals. GOLFiq is based around the Cycle of Success and the 10 Skills of Excellence which is developed from the psychology of excellence and performance coaching.

The aim of GOLFiq is to help players design and develop their own Cycles of Success and this is achieved through attaining and building key skills in golf. These are not provided to the golfer but are instead earned and learnt from the practical GOLFiq coaching sessions that are fun and challenging.

GOLFiq coaching sessions are held throughout the UK and take many forms such as seminars, workshops and half and full day golf schools. Although the base of GOLFiq has been developed through research into performance excellence, the programme is for golfers of all standards who wish to improve and learn about themselves and the game of golf. ‘Excellence’ is highly individual and subjective and as a result GOLFiq seeks to help players achieve their own standards of excellence regardless of golfing handicap and time they can dedicate to the game.

For more information contact matthew@golf-iq.co.uk or keep an eye on our events page


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