Performance (Scoring Zone) Coaching Day

“I can still remember my game plan on the final day. 1) don’t hit a shot until I was completely comfortable, otherwise back off 2) don’t look at the scoreboards 3) I told my caddie to talk to me constantly about anything apart from golf.” (David Howell)
“At no time did I consider the mechanics of the stroke. Of course, I knew what the putt meant, but I became absorbed in the line of the putt. I could see it exactly from beginning to end. My only job at that moment was to set the ball off on the line that I had chosen. That was the only thing I could control.” (Paul McGinley, 2002)
“I play the same each time. I have the same focus on each and every shot. I take great pride in what I do on the golf course. I go out and give it everything I got.” (Tiger Woods Sunday Times, 29/3/04)
“All I can ever control is my own game …..the rest is with the golfing gods.” (Tiger Woods)
“Now I always use visualisation when I go onto the board, I always do dry land run-throughs and I’m always making sure that I’m completely focused and don’t let pressure get to me, and make sure that I put 100% effort into every.” (Tom Daley)
“It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react that matters.” (Epictetus)

For; All golfers who fail to match their golfing potential with consistent on-course scores. For those players who achieved low scores on the Performance (Scoring Zone) section of the GOLFiq test.

Overview; The game of golf is often an enigma and we often struggle to understand how quite we can achieve consistent success when the game itself (and those who play it!) is unpredictable.

Golfers of all abilities ponder endlessly in how golf and performance can change on a day by day basis causing our scores to fluctuate endlessly when in comparison top golfers can seemingly dictate consistent golf scores at will.

We often say that those golfers ‘play a different game’ when quite honestly they don’t, they simply understand the game and apply the right skills at the right time, and they are very good at it.

However, these skills are at reach for any golfer and GOLFiq will help all delegates to get the most out of their golf games by helping them to develop simple key mental and physical skills.

10 Skills of Excellence

Skills covered in this workshop will include elements of

  • Optimal stroke focus
  • Mental Toughness
  • Performance Feedback
  • Self Coaching


  • Focussing techniques
  • Performance Planning
  • Cognitive & Physiological Control
  • Game planning & Performing
  • Swing focus & flow techniques


  • On course and practical range sessions
  • Fun games and activities
  • Emphasis on learning from doing
  • Maximum of 12 per group
  • Delegates will receive learning packs and post session support (Skype, email or phone)
* Subject to change depending on needs of the group