Preparation (Readiness Zone) Coaching Day

“Everyone has the will to win but few have the will to prepare.” (Vince Lombardi)
“I never went into a round of golf thinking I had to beat a certain player. I had to beat the golf course. If I prepared myself for a major, I went focused, and then beat the golf course, the rest took care of itself.” (Jack Nicklaus)
“Unless a man has trained himself for his chance, the chance will only make him look ridiculous.” (J.B. Matthews)
“The values learned on the playing field – how to set goals, endure, take criticism and risks, become team players, use our beliefs, stay healthy and deal with stress – prepare us for life.” (Donna de Varona)
“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” (Confucius)
“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” (Benjamin Disraeli)

Preparation (Readiness Zone) Coaching Day

For; Anyone with an interest in improving and enjoying their golf game or for those who scored low on the Preparation section of the GOLFiq test.

Overview; Preparation is a vital ingredient for success and even though top golfers have detailed, complex and individualised preparation plans (and the time to apply them!!) golfers of all abilities could improve their own games by learning simple preparation skills that will enable them to feel in control and confident that they can achieve their own competition goals.

This preparation golf day will help delegated control unwanted negative emotions and develop a challenge mindset that can lay the foundations for peak performance.

For this to occur delegates will be show how to build a self-focus and apply skills that will result in players feeling mentally and physically prepared for any eventuality that they may experience. Delegates will be shown how to develop their own personal Performance Plans that can be applied during competitions to ensure that they remain focused and in control throughout competition.

Preparation and the skills it involves are a necessity to achieve consistent competition success and this workshop will provide you with the skills needed to take you to the next level.

10 Skills of Excellence

Skills covered in this workshop will include elements of

  • Mental readiness
  • Physical readiness
  • Self Coaching
  • Performance Feedback


  • Simple mental skills (imagery & self-focus)
  • Developing a challenge mind-set
  • Emotional control
  • Performance Planning (focus and distraction techniques)
  • Time management techniques (on and off course strategies)


  • Golf course and range practical’s
  • Fun games and activities
  • Handouts and resources
  • Delegates will receive learning pack and post session support (Skype, email & phone)
  • Maximum of 12 people
* Subject to change depending on needs of the group