Junior Academy (golf & life skill training)

The junior academy is for golfers of all ages and abilities who want to learn about golf in a fun and challenging environment.

The sessions help golfers learn all the basic skills in golf with a strong emphasis on performance skills (shot making, creativity), mental and life skills all delivered in a supportive and friendly climate where golfers have time to explore, learn and develop.

As with all GOLFiq programmes golf golfers are encouraged to take responsibility for their own performance and are encouraged to maintain a personal learning diary (age dependant)


  • Holistic programme
  • Simple mental and life skills
    (relaxation, goal setting, managing emotions, self-confidence, team building)
  • Physical skills (Agility, balance, coordination)
  • Swing technique & creative skills(shot making)
  • Short game skills
  • Nutrition and lifestyle skills
  • Parent workshop


  • Maximum group of 10
  • Fun challenges and games
  • Integrated coaching (i.e. golf skills and mental skills combined)
  • On-course and off-course (range)
  • Workbook and handouts