Professional Academy

The professional academy is for golfers who play competitive professional golf or have aspirations to become European Tour Professionals.

The programme is high specification with an aim of producing players to compete at the very highest level. As a result players will have the opportunity to work with highly qualified staff (coaches & sport science) who will work with players in developing a long-term performance programme.

As with all GOLFiq programmes players are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and as a result player motivation and ambition to improve is paramount.


  • Needs analysis through personal profiling, skills test and performance data collection
    (technical, tactical, psychological and physical)
  • Access to specialist coaches including European Tour Coaches and Sport Science support
    (strength and conditioning, sport psychology & nutrition)
  • A fully individualised and periodised long-term plan
  • Group workshops and individual consultations in performance coaching
  • Small group work and guided reflection
  • On-course observations and feedback
  • Regular performance testing and progress reports
  • Performance psychology
  • Game specific performance psychology (i.e. putting)
  • Development of 10 Skills of Excellence and detailed Cycle of Success


  • Practical session based on experiential learning
  • Fun but competitive tasks and challenges on and off-course
  • Individual and group based tasks and reflection
  • Emphasis on personal learning and taking responsibility for performance
  • Extensive use of reflective journals and performance diaries
  • Holistic and integrated coaching (i.e. technical skills are combined with mental skills)
  • Maximum group of 10