Good to meet you today – as I say I can see that ________________ has definitely benefitted from doing a set routine. He seems more in control and confident.
(AASE Squad Member)

Hi Mathew..
Went to watch _______________ play at Wilmslow for the County on Wednesday. What a difference to his game you have made. He has seen his coach for some minor changes to his swing, but your input is what I noticed ..

He was -3 after round 1. The most significant change was his pace of play. He has slowed it right down. His routine was consistent BUT thorough, especially on his putting. He took extra time to look at the line and pace the putt… he sunk some monster puts to make birdie. He was happy relaxed and really enjoyed the game. He double checked his yardages with the course planner, yardages on the course and his sky caddy, before checking the pin position… and then he would stand and look through his ball before club selection.

He looked totally professional and in control. He was very confident in his ability, He kept telling me how he knew he was able to play whatever shot was needed., with a little thought and planning… great attitude…. some times he amazes us with how grown up he can be.

2nd rnd he was 2 over… not a disaster… took a double on a par 4 after being in the trees… dealt with it and just shrugged it off and went onto the next hole. I have never seen him smile so much.
(AASE Squad Member)

Hey Matt,

I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to get psychology lessons from you at College and I’m sure the other lads in the group will totally agree with me. I couldn’t have asked for more!

I’ve created my own ‘Tournament plan and evaluation’ sheet. I’ve put in what I feel will help me most and I’ve got it onto two sides, so have got it onto one sheet of A4 (both sides). I’ve got 3 filled in up to this date, so I could maybe send you them at some time?

It certainly feels good to leave college, but I can’t wait to share my experiences and the many things I have understood and learnt from you when I start college in America next month!

Thanks again for the time you have spent on me and the group. We’ve really enjoyed it! I’ve even recently bought an A7 leather notepad to use during rounds and practices for notes!! :)

(AASE Squad Member)

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the audio notes there of great help. I played my first competitive round since our session today and shot 73. It is my best round of the year and I actually enjoyed it again! I left loads of shots out there but I felt good and the more I played the more comfortable and confident I felt. I hit two good chips on the front 9, both relatively simple and from good lies. On the 16th I had 40 foot pitch from a tight and hard lie which I needed to hit over a bunker and although I felt anxious I stuck with the breathing, routine and heavy arms feeling and I lipped out! It left me a tap in and an easy par in a situation that would have been a card wrecker a fortnight ago. I also now know my top 5 sandwiches, models and cars lol.
Thanks for everything I look forward to hearing from you.

(PGA Professional)

Hey Matt,

I did achieve my goals and am very pleased with my performance. Feel like I’m moving somewhere now. I felt so much happier playing this weekend and didn’t care about anything or anyone. It was funny actually listening to my playing partners moan and get angry and everything.

Thanks for all your help.

(International Amateur)

Hi Matt,
I would just like to thank you for last session it has really helped. I played on Saturday and Sunday and I was zoning in and out. It really helps. It was amazing I was in the zone and in complete concentration and then I was relaxed after the shot .
It really helped thanks.
(National Junior Golfer)

Thank-you for today’s session I found it really interesting and I am looking forward to the future sessions. My main goal is to improve my scoring as this is directly linked to my short game. The Pelz test today reinforced this, I had a poor score today and I think if I can work on my short game and improve my Pelz score by the end of March this will help me achieve my goal to improve my scoring.
(National Junior)